What You Should Know to Text Your Ex

Relationships may come to an end and others bloom in their place. Feelings, however, may take a while before they dissipate. Texting your Ex is quite common and while it should not always be the case, there are times where you can’t resist the urge. … [Read More...]

Online Course Review


Michael Webb: 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets Review

Who doesn't enjoy sex? Most everyone I know love it. There are some--okay, hundreds--of people who want and need to get more from their sex life. The big question I recently came across a blog post filled to the gill with love making … [Read More...]


How to Date Multiple Women by Joshua Pellicer

Most guys find it rather difficult to find that one perfect woman to go out with. In fact, a number strike out on the first few tries. Some may never even get lucky. But what if you got the chance to date not only one girl, but two, three or more  … [Read More...]

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Matt Huston Get Him Back Forever Review – Man’s Mind Revealed

Life includes heartache and sometimes rejection. Rejection often makes a person want the lost one even more. If you are a woman who has recently gone through a sad breakup and you want your ex-boyfriend back, what can you do? It can make you feel … [Read More...]

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Lick by Lick Review – Make Her Addicted to You NOW!

Lick by Lick is a $37 e-book that is eighty pages long for (or $47 if you want to order the Gold Package) that you can purchase online to learn how to give oral sex to your woman in a way that brings her to an orgasm. Many men become frustrated when … [Read More...]


What Do’s and Dont’s on Your First Date

The first dates can be very un-nerving; it can make even the brave … [Read More...]

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Use These 5 Dressing Ideas for First Date

Getting dressed up for your first date is rather tricky, you are not … [Read More...]


Randy Bennet’ Melt Your Man’s Heart Review

The vast majority of programs, systems, print books and eBooks that … [Read More...]

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The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave Review – Is it Worth or Just Crap?!

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave is a 115 page e-book by … [Read More...]