should text my ex or not

The Million Dollar Question, “Should I Text My Ex?”

The thought has probably occurred more than twice, "Should I text my ex?" and as close it came to happening; you were able to convince yourself otherwise. Maybe because it was your fear of the response or even worse; lack of response. But, more than … [Read More...]

Online Course Review


Capture His Heart Review – Unique Training System

Do you find yourself wanting more from your man or men in your life? Do you often wish that your man would show you that he wants you and only you as his own? Every woman secretly finds herself searching and wishing for a man who would truly … [Read More...]


Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio Review – Does it Work?

Take a look around at any given time and you are sure to see a large number of people checking out their cell phones. We have become a world that is obsessed with the mobile device, which may help explain why text messaging is now almost more popular … [Read More...]

ex2 system review by matt huston

Matt Huston Ex2 System Review – Does it really work?

Ex2 System is an e-book that challenges the leading issue in the life of a man; how to get back the ex-lover. Apart from that, this book also provides clarifications about the probabilities that can cause the breaking up. The principal quality of … [Read More...]

buy the magic of making up tw jackson

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave Review – Is it Worth or Just Crap?!

The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave is a 115 page e-book by Bob Grant, L.P.C. who is also known as “The Relationship Doctor.” Bob Grant interestingly reports that most of his clients in his counseling practice are women. He successfully … [Read More...]


What Do’s and Dont’s on Your First Date

The first dates can be very un-nerving; it can make even the brave … [Read More...]

woman is deciding which dress to buy

Use These 5 Dressing Ideas for First Date

Getting dressed up for your first date is rather tricky, you are not … [Read More...]

Dates That Went Bad

Story 1 This happened when I was just 15. I met this guy, for … [Read More...]


What You Should Know to Text Your Ex

Relationships may come to an end and others bloom in their place. … [Read More...]